de regenvanger (the raincatcher)

The solution against flooding in impermeable cities.

Testsite: Paris, FR

An impermeable city. Covered in concrete and dangerously vulnerable for flooding. If we perforate the concrete, we can make it permeable again. With a system that measures the amount of rainfall and opens up the hatches on the holes. Everything is calculated scientifically; the depth and width of the holes, the number of holes, the weight of the bucket and the amount of tiny perforations in it. The weight of the hatch, the amount of rainfall per minute per square meter needed to open up the hatch and let infiltrate the water in the ground.


Yet the raincatcher is not a cure or a solution. It confirms the absurdity of our interventions in the landscape to stop the floodings in the past. This ‘panamarenkostructure’ or ‘folie’ is a proposition as short-term as the wall, the dam, the sewer systems or the reservoirs to catch the exessive water right before a flood. It is soothing and very 

uncomfortable at the same time.


nomination for the Jef Van Ranst drawing competition

group exhibition at Zwart Wild, Ghent, june 2015

exhibition at KU Leuven, faculty of architecture, campus Ghent, 2016